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MPCS is a national transportation compliance company based in Los Angeles specializing in log book auditing, hours of service reporting, driver qualification file management, background screening and drug/alcohol testing.

MPCS developed a comprehensive compliance program exclusively for the Motion Picture Industry, providing studios and participating independent productions with a single resource assisting in achieving compliance with all state and federal DOT regulations.

Our Services

Driver Qualification

Driver Application.

MPCS provides clients with a driver application that meets DOT and requirements in the Motion Picture Industry.

Driver Qualification File Management.

MPCS's web-based system tracks, monitors and maintains driver records.

Record Retention.

MPCS retains all records electronically as mandated by state and federal DOT regulations.

Hours of Service

Driver Log Auditing

MPCS provides centralized driver log auditing, identifying state and federal violations. Scanned logs are uploaded via MPCS's Logs Upload Portal and then audited for compliance. All electronic logs are archived online in MPCS's driver-specific files.

Hours of Service Reporting

Hours of Service (HOS) violations are identified and made available to each client through our comprehensive Log Reports component. This is made possible by the Hours of Service database accessible to each client. For proprietary reasons, clients are only able to access information for those drivers they employed. However, MPCS's Hours of Service database aggregates information from all clients to accurately validate driver HOS continuity and help clients proactively prevent serious violations.

Background Screening

Motor Vehicle Reports.

MPCS procures driver MVRs as required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. MVRs are available from all 50 states and provide clients with detailed information regarding a driver's licensing status and driving record for the prior three years.

Previous Employment Investigation.

MPCS conducts comprehensive previous employer inquiries, including employment verification, accident history, and drug and alcohol testing history with all employers who have employed the applicant as a commercial driver during the previous three years.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Drug and Alcohol testing services are available for all drivers (with the exception of Local 399 drivers).

Pre-Employment Testing.

Drivers are pre-employment drug tested and enrolled in our national Motion Picture Pool once a negative result has been reported by our Medical Review Officer.

Random Drug and Alcohol Testing.

MPCS enrolls all qualified drivers in our pool, which combines drivers to create a larger group of participants; this ensures equitable selection of individuals during each testing period. Random alcohol and controlled substance testing is done in accordance with the minimum annual percentage rates established by the FMCSA Administrator.

Post-Accident Testing.

MPCS conducts controlled substance and/or alcohol tests when drivers operating qualifying commercial motor vehicles are involved in an accident.

Return-to-Duty Testing and Follow-Up Program.

Follow-Up-Testing Programs and Return-to-Duty Testing is provided by MPCS for drivers participating in Substance Abuse Programs.

Reasonable Suspicion Testing.

MPCS assists clients during Reasonable Suspicion Testing protocols.

Our Team

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Audrey Conrad
Chief Financial Officer
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V.P. of Business Development
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Chief Technology Officer
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Operations Manager
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Quality Assurance Manager
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Account Executive
Nanette Graff
Business Services Coordinator
Marci Johnson
Client Services Coordinator
Craig Leener
Human Resources
Drug & Alcohol
Monse Cortez
Drug & Alcohol Supervisor
Michele D.
Alberto R.
Norma G.
Driver Qualification
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Angela O.
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Hours of Service
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Hours of Service Lead
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Motor Vehicle Reports
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Quality Assurance
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